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Why has #TheGreekDream gained so much strength among the travel and expat communities?

There a lot of reasons to understand why Greece has become top destiny

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greece's olive

Every year a new destination becomes the viral travel trend, and that’s exactly what happened to Greece, however; it doesn’t seem it will ever go out of fashion. If you know anything about Greek culture is easy to understand the fascination with the Greek way of life and the pursuit of the #TheGreekDream, (as opposed to the trite #American Dream)

Greece has one of the best climates in Europe, a summer of almost 6 months, more than 300 islands to discover, an impressive history, an ancestral cuisine, all combined just approaches what #TheGreekDream truly means. Greece stands out for its hospitality and its people, who are the foundation and inspiration behind the concept of #theGreekDream.

Greece is also a special destination among ex-pats and backpackers. In recent years, Greece has positioned itself as a country that welcomes freelancers, remote workers, and increasingly offers job opportunities for foreigners. Every year it receives more multinational companies that establish distribution centers that create a hub of opportunities.

With endless coastlines and dishes that differ according to the region, it is simply impossible to discover the country in one trip. In fact, it is common for travelers to visit the country more than once. But why does Greece stand out from the other Mediterranean destinations?

We believe the answer to this is the country’s idiosyncrasy (Ιδιοσινκρασια, in Greek). There’s no doubt that Greeks treat foreigners in a way that makes them feel at home. Once you discover the “Greek way” your perspective of life is bound to change. Are you ready?