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How much cost live in Athens?

Often european cities are expensive, but Athens will surprise you for these reasons

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Athens is cheap to live? Accommodation cost is affordable in Greece?

Yes and Yes. Greece is an affordable country to live compared with other European cities. Monthly budget will be always deep and hard to discuss, nevertheless we would approach to main estimations.

Despite the past few year has increase prices find house to rent can affordable in the city and even in downtown. Lets keep in mind, base salary (2020) is around 650 euros.

With our experts and helpers, we have done the follow cost table with helpful information for living. Estimation is per month:

  • House rent 70 to 50 m2 : € 400
  • Shared flat per person: € 250
  • Monthly grocery shop € 150
  • Mid-range restaurant: € 15
  • Internet per month: € 30
  • Electricity € 25
  • Water bill € 10 or less
  • Beer: €0,60 *In a bar €3,50
  • Coffee to go €1,50 *In a cafeteria €3,50
  • Monthly card transportation: € 30 *One way- single ticket €1,40