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The 7 Classic Drinks to try in Greece

Give a chance to these top rated drinks, loved by all locals

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7 drinks in Greece to try

Greeks live for cold coffee (café freddo), even in winter. It's so popular that the art of drinking cafe Freddo could be considered a national sport! If you're looking for a stronger drink, the Greek traditional Ouzo will not disappoint. Check the most popular drinks in Greece.

Here are our top 7 recommendations:

  1. Freddo Cappuccino: Espresso with ice and foam. The most popular drink!
  2. Elliniko: Unfiltered espresso. Similar to Turkish coffee.

In the "alcohol" category, there are other famous drinks in Greece popular:

  1. Mastixa: A sweet liquor made from the mastixa plant, unique to the island of Xios. It is usually taken on the rocks. In the last few years, its popularity has grown among mixologists who have played around with flavors to create distinctive cocktails.
  2. Ouzo: Alcohol. Strong alcohol. Its flavor will remind you of anise. It is usually served on the rocks.
  3. Raki: Alcohol (generally more than 40 degrees), distilled from grapes. The process of distillation is what makes this drink so particular.
  4. Racomelo: Raki, honey, clove and more honey. With more than 40 degrees of alcohol and typically served warm, this drink is best enjoyed in the winter.
  5. Inhomelo: Mulled wine with a hint of honey. It is only served in winter.

Freddo Cappuccino is by far the most popular drink in Greece

Another of Greece's great secrets is its wine production. In general, the main drinks of Greece are fresh wines, home-made production, by excellence whithe wine. At any bar or restaurant, ask their local brand or try regional wine.

Any additional famous Drink in Greece to don't miss?

  • Metaxa - A distilled beverage of wine and brandy.
  • Retsina - Distilled from grapes, a white wine but with a touch of pine resin.
  • Tsipouro - 100% Greek, a product of the distillation of grape pomace
  • Wine - In any bar or restaurant, you must try a house wine, the fresher the better.

Greece has extensive cuisine and an authentic tradition in wine production. Finally, if you still want to try the best drinks in Greece, in the wine category, you should not miss the Wine Guide Suggested to check Botilia

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