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Greek Restaurants: Taverns in Greece

What is a Tavern? Why are so famous in Greece ?

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A Greek Taverna is the typical local restaurant where you will find traditional dishes, Mediterranean flavors and an authentic, lively atmosphere. You can find two types of taverns: Fish or Meat taverns.

These are the 5 dishes to try in a Greek Taverna:

  1. Tirokafteri - Spicy cheese
  2. Moussaka - Is an eggplant- and/or potato-based dish with means meat
  3. Dakos or Greek salad - Two different salads to try once in your life
  4. Gemista - Stuffed vegetables, it can be tomatoes or peppers, with a rice-and-herb filling
  5. Fried Feta cheese with Honey. An authentic piece or art

Taverns are well known to be bohemia places where Greeks gather and celebrate important dinners, birthdays, or events. Years ago, people used to break plates in Taverns as a way to show wealth, however, this tradition no longer stands (so don’t go breaking dishes at restaurants).

Good news, in general, prices for these types of restaurants are affordable (no more than 15 euros per person according to our experts).

Essentials elements of traditional Tavernas in Greece:

  • They sever wine in aluminum pots
  • Classic decoration and paper tablecloth
  • Amazing Greek food
  • Traditional music, (at times live bands)

“Food always will attract tourist, but good food will create the country identity”

Our recommendations for classic Taverns in Athens:

  1. Taberna Platanos ( Plaka) Diogenous 4, Athina 10556
  2. Atitamos (Downtown) Kapodistriou 2, Atenas.10683
  3. Barvadimos (Syntagma), Mitropoleos 12-14, Atenas 10563
  4. Kur Aristos (Palio Faliro), Sintagmatarchou Z. 96, Paleo Faliro 17564
  5. O Proedros. (Glyfada) Savva Lazaridi 3, Glifada 16675