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Top 10 Restaurants in Athens: Where to eat

Want to diner with the locals and away from the overdone tourist traps? Our local experts share their best restaurants in Athens.

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Best 10 Restaurants in Athens

After long discussions among our group of culinary experts, we proudly share this list of the best 10 restaurants in Athens. If you have enough stomach and time, try all these Restaurants in Athens:

1. Atitamo

With a wide variety of traditional Greek dishes (and more than 2,000 reviews online), this tavern fits in the concept of nice, good, and cheap: a true bargain! Just a few steps from Syntagma Square, the quality of the food and low price tag will have you coming back!

Address: Kapodistriou 2, Athens, 10677

2. Barbadimos

Elegant and sophisticated. The stars of the night are the Kebab Yogurtliu (beef kebab in a savory yogurt sauce, served with freshly baked pita bread) and classic Moussaka.

Address: Mitropoleos 12-14, Athens, 10563

3. Souvlakis Kostas

The best Street Souvlaki of Athens. While its menu options are limited, its rich and smoky flavors will are one of a kind. This place makes exceptional traditional sauces to accompany your food! Expect to spend less than 5 euros (can vary depending on your appetite!).

Address: Platia Ag Irinis 2, Athens, 10560

4. Gatos Mavros

Located in the heart of Psirri, Gatos Mavros is a classic Greek tavern with an authentic Greek seal of approval. Wine is served in traditional aluminum cups and their hot mezzez (starters) are to die for. It can get crowded, arrive early!

Address: 5 Navarchou Apostoli, Atenas 10554

5. Taberna o Damigos

Located in the center of Athens, this tavern with surprise you from the moment you step down through its somewhat hidden entrance. You’ll find a wide variety of Greek starters and the best selection of fresh cheese (we recommend you try feta).

Address: Kidathineon 41, Athina 10558

5. Avocato

For vegans in Athens, it exists this restaurant. Vegetarians and culinary adventurers will find a variety of international dishes that focus on rich and healthy flavors. The restaurant pays close attention to detail, you won’t be disappointed.

Address: Nikis 30, Athens, 10557

6. Kir Aristos

This restaurant is out of the way from the typical tourist hotspots, which guarantees its authentic and local vibe. We recommend you try their traditional wine (one of the bests) and small pie-like meat starters, “pastuma” and “kaserli kebab”.

Address: Sintagmatarchou Z 96, Paleo Faliro, 17564

7. Kentrikon Restaurant

If you are looking for something more scaled up than the typical Greek tavern, this restaurant is on the fancier side. Artists, writers and famous politicians are often spotted enjoying the classic Greek flavors of this restaurant. Worth a try!

Address: Kolokotronis 3, Athens 10562

8. H Kriti

Dinning in this restaurant will transport you to Crete, without having to leave Athens. We recommend you order the Dakos salad (don’t expect any leafy greens though), traditionally seasoned ribs and Apaqui meat dish.

Address: Veranzerou 5, Athens 10677

9. Spondi

The first Michelin Star of Athens! If you plan to dine at this restaurant, make sure to book a table, as it’s quite popular among the Athenian elite and fills up fast. While settling on a menu option can be quite challenging, you will not be disappointed. Our favorite is the Parmesan ice-cream, it’s out of this world!

Address: Pirronos 5, Athens 11636

10. Strofi

High-class and authentic flavors! This place has an amazing wine list and one of the best views of the Acropolis, the perfect combination for an unforgettable evening in Athens!

Address: Rovertou Galli 25, Athens 11742

Greek Sweets

Don’t leave Athens without trying the sweet Greek traditions!


The most popular and our favorite treat! This dessert resembles donut pops, but better! You can top them off with honey, chocolate or ice-cream….

Address: Eolou 21 & Ag. Irini, 10551