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The best Greek islands to visit in 2022

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The 6 best Greek islands to visit in 2022

Greece offers Islands for all types of travelers. But don't get lost, with this guide, we take you to know "The 6 best islands of Greece to visit in 2022".

  1. Paros
  2. Mykonos
  3. Zakynthos or Zante
  4. Cefalonia or Kefalonia
  5. Milos
  6. Paxos

1 Paros

Paros is the island of Greece that has it all. This island has very good beaches, nightlife, and landscapes and above all, it is accessible by boat or plane. Considered one of the "Best Islands of Greece for 2022", a must-see is the port of Naousa. What can't you miss? The most visited beaches in Paros are Kolymbithres, Pounda, Marstelo, Santa Maria and Xrisi (Golden).

What makes Paros different?

In an 8-minute ferry, you can reach Antiparos, a beautiful island just off the side. Perfect to go and return on the same day.

The best thing, from Athens, is you can take a ferry that takes 4 hours. Check schedules and prices.

2 Mykonos

Without a doubt, another of the best islands in Greece to visit in 2022. In a few lines, we can describe it as the "Cosmopolitan" island and the most famous by various travelers. Despite the high prices of this Greek Island, in Mykonos you will find good beaches and typical cities to visit.

What can't you miss?

Three indisputable places to visit in Mykonos are the center or "Xora", Little Venice, and the old mills.

In what season is it better to visit Mykonos?

Definitely before and after the summer (from April to July and from September to November). Avoid traveling to Mykonos in the month of August as it is high season and you will find higher prices and people

3 Zakynthos or Zante

This is another one of the "Best islands in Greece to visit during 2022". A destination of indisputable quality. Zakynthos Island is located in the Ionian Islands and is one of the best destinations visited every year. It has fauna and vegetation that makes thousands of tortoises reach their heights every year.

Party and luxury? Has it. Camping and nature? Also. This island is so big that it accommodates any type of plan or traveler.

What can't you miss in Zakynthos?

⛵A boat tour to get to know the island. Visit Navagio Beach by sea or from above, there are several ways to visit this beautiful beach.🐢 Every year, turtles arrive on this island. The locals properly know the best areas according to the season or month.

4 Cefalonia or Kefalonia

Kefalonia Island is one of the trend islands to explore on family vacations or looking for a romantic atmosphere. Kefalonia or Kefalonia is undoubtedly an island that is becoming more fashionable among travelers. With a calm pace of life, Kefalonia should be on your list of "Greek Islands to visit in 2022". Kefalonia has one of the best beaches in all of Greece, Myrtho or Myrtos. Do not worry if you cannot visit it, there are more beaches that can impress you, here we tell you which ones: Trapezaki, Skala, Foki, Platis Gialos and Kounopetra.

What can't you miss in Kefalonia?

The Caves or Cenote of Melissani. Doing this tour is a true experience because you visit a natural jewel. You also cannot miss the Drogarati caves and the Gerasimos or Kefalonia Monastery.

5 Milos

An island with charm and landscapes never seen before. In addition to the picturesque blue and white Greek houses, the island of Milos has beaches that you have never seen before, the most famous of which is the "Sarakiniko" beach. Another destination that you cannot miss is the famous Tsigrado beach and the Papafragas caves.

Milos is one of the Greek islands with the longest beach coastline, with almost 70 km of beaches to explore.

6 Paxos

The island of Paxos is surely one of the least mentioned in travel guides, but it will surprise you. This island is located near the famous Island of Corfu, and stands out for having crystal clear waters and a landscape and nature that stands out.

3 Towns you must visit are: Gaios, Loggos and Lakka.

What should you not miss when you visit Paxos?

The blue caves of the village of Lakka. Without a doubt, a boat tour may be the best option. Keep in mind that just 3 km away you can reach the small island of Antipaxi or Antipaxos.