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The 5 unexplored walking tours in Athens

Athens, a city that never sleeps. Discover the unexplored routes of Athens, for free!

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5 Unexplored walking tours in Athens

After visiting the main sites of Athens, venturing away from the conventional walking tourist routes is highly recommended. Athens has endless places to explore that few tourists know, here are our Top 5 walking tours in Athens:

1. The best view of the Acropolis - For Free!

All the walking tours include the Acropolis view. Few things in life are free, enjoying the Acropolis and walking tour is one of them. There is a free way to see the Acropolis and experience one of the best views of Athens. Just below the Acropolis, you'll find the Areopagus Hill, which is the perfect spot to capture the grandeur of the Acropolis. Although this little-known site is easily accessible, there are quite a few steps and marble rocks can get slippery. Remember to bring your camera for the sunset.

2. The secret entrance to the Kalimarmaro Stadium

Considered the only marble stadium, the ancient Kalimarmaro stadium has free access where you can see part of the Acropolis and Athens downtown.
How to enter? Easy. On the backside of the stadium, there is a park and rustic outdoor gym, and great views of Athens! The entrance is on Archimidous street 23. Once you enter and pass the monkey bars, look for the small stairs (lateral to the stadium) that will lead you to the park, once you enter the park, follow the stairs down.

3. The best view of Athens

Right in the center of Athens, 400 meters above sea level, is the Likavitos hill with the best view of Athens city center. At the top of this hill, there is a church, a café and a bistro, all worth visiting. You can go up by car, by cable car, or on foot (45 minutes from Syntagma Square).
Pro tip: The best time to go is at sunset. Believe us, it worth it.

4. The secret neighborhood under the Acropolis: Anafiotika

As part of the best walking tour in Athens, you need to go to Anafiotika, which is a small neighborhood under the Acropolis that will make you feel like you're on a Cycladic island. Despite being a small neighborhood, it is one of the best secrets of Athens. The people who still live there are originally from the Island of Anafi, hence its peculiar name of "Anafiotika".

5. Changing of the guards and the National Park

Right on Syntagma Square, at the entrance to the Parliament, is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that is protected by the national guard. Every hour, the national guard performs a ceremony, which is worth documenting. After watching the guard change, you can walk to the National Park, one of Athens' best-kept secrets. With over 300 plants and trees, this park also has turtles, ducks, goats, and other friendly animals.

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Eager for more walking tours and routes in Athens?

  • Filopapous Hill. Few meters from the Acropolis archeological site (500m), it's easy to reach this mountain. At the top, by walking, you will be able to find the Monument of Filopappos.
  • Strefi Hill. Located in the heart of the Exarhia neighborhood, you can reach this hill. Be aware is not the closest hill and visited hill in Athens. Nevertheless, it's an alternative route for a free walking tour and gets the perfect view.

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