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Most visited museums in Greece

As the cradle of civilization, Greek museum hold the foundations of modern society

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5 most visited museums in Greece

History, culture, and tradition all stream through Greece, its people, and, of course, its museums. Traveling in Athens, consider buying Museum Pass to save time. We have created a list of the most famous and visited museums of Greece, which are essential to completing your “Greek Dream” during your trip.

1. Acropolis Museum

With more than 3,000 pieces representing past, present and future Greece, this is one of the best museums in Athens! Across the street from the Acropolis, the museum has a permanent collection of original pieces, which have been through several ravages of past wars. The Museum’s terrace has one of the best views of the Acropolis, where you can enjoy a traditional Greek lunch or soak up the afternoon sun drinking a cold Greek coffee.


Entrance fee: €5, free for E.U. students. Address: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou, Atenas 11742


2. National Anthropology Museum

With more than 11,000 pieces of ancient Greek art, it is one of the most important museums in the world! Founded in the late XIX century, the Museum depicts the historical power, culture and artistic value of Greece and the Mediterranean region. From the Museum’s permanent collections, is worth highlighting the Collections of Prehistoric Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Cypriot Antiquities, and Sculpture Works.

If you are an art history buff, you should clear out your whole day to properly enjoy the museum.


Entrance fee: €6 low season, €12 high season (April – October). Address: 44, Av. 28 October (Patission) Athens


3. Byzantine Museum

Simply Breathtaking! As you walk through the different levels of this museum, you will walk past scenes from one of the most defining periods of Greece, the Byzantine Empire. Although often overlooked, this museum is central to Greek history and is located a few meters from Syntagma Square and Evangelismos metro station.


Entrance fee: €4. Address: Av. Vasilissis Sofias 22


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4. Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum is distinguished for having 7 different public museums and more than 120,000 works of art and exclusive pieces. The main museum, housed by an impressive neoclassic architectural masterpiece, has a chronologic collection that dates back to Ancient Greek history and goes up to the 20th century. The Benaki Museum, located in the heart of Athens, has all the collections of Antonio Benaki. To top it all off, the museum has a Café Restaurant with an incomparable view of the city center!


Entrance fee: €12. Address: 1 Koumbari and Av. Vass Sofias, 10674, Athens


5. Archaeological Museum of Delphi

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi is one of the most important in Greece, as it has the largest exhibition found in this archaeological zone. Its collections are mainly statues from the 8th century BC until the end of Late Antiquity. The exhibits by chronological order, have Santiauro de Pronaiai, Via Sagrada, Temple of Apollo, Siphnian Treasure among others.


Delphi 33054. Tel +30 22650 82312 Sitio web: