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06-06-2022 Last updated

How to get to Greece and move around?

Getting around in Greece

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How to get to Greece and move around?

Travel is the easiest way! If you know the transport in Greece, you will know how to save time during your trip.

Especially in summer, the transport in Greece and the transport in the Greek islands are in high demand and saturated. As a first tip, buy in advance tickets for the boat, plane, bus, or even if you are going to do a tour around.

1) Ferries y Boats 🚒

While moving and traveling in Greece, always plan Ferries and Boats, as your first option. It's a common way, well connected to main destinies, and efficient. Keep on the eye, in Athens, there are 3 main ports.

One of the best search engiengs in Greece, is FerryHopper. You can see all Ferries and Boats destinatios

Ferries and boats are the easiest way to get around Greece and between the islands. Especially the islands of the Cyclades Sea. There are transfers and private services that can pick you up right from the port to your hotel. Book 24 hours before preferably. We suggest WelcomePickUps

2) Ferry + CarπŸš—