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Ferries in Greece

Your basic guide to ferries in Greece

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Ferries in Greece

Is it your first time traveling in the Mediterranean? You should know catching a Ferry in Greece is as common as catching a cab!

Before you book your ferry tickets, it is important to compare routes, costs and time schedules as all these can largely vary. We suggest you check out online platforms that compare different companies, prices, and ports to give you the best option. FerryHopper is the top recommendation by our experts!

If you are traveling from Athens to an island, it is important to keep in mind that the three main ports of Athens are not close to each other, and transportation to the ports is not always simple.

For some islands, you can choose between an express boat and a normal ferry, which is slower due to its size. The express boats tend to be more expensive and can be quite shakey (due to its fast speed), keep this in mind if you get seasick easily.

Advice for traveling in Greece by ferry

  • Carry a government-issued ID, at times the ferry company can ask for it
  • Most ferries are pet friendly, but make to double-check with the company
  • Arrive at the port an hour before! This applies especially to larger ports

What services can you find on the Ferry?

In Greece, boats and ferries are an experience. Many ships have a restaurant, cafeteria, bar, private rooms, and also a cabin. None have WI-Fi. Many ships in Greece include a car transport service. Ask before buying

Change of schedule or destination?

Unlike a plane ticket, Ferries and ships in Greece have a lot of flexibility to change tickets. You must call the line or company where you bought your bar

Where to buy tickets to the islands?

Our suggestion: FerryHopper. It is simple and has support in several languages, you can buy your Ferry tickets direct with this link.