Covid - 19 Vaccination started in Greece

Greece Covid-19 Vaccination

Greece to enforce Covid-19 vaccination campaign


place Greece

event 06-06-22, 5:03:42 pm

The Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Greece started

Following the Greek government's vaccination campaign, this week people between 30 and 39 years old have become eligible to receive their first dose.
This is following a period of intensive vaccination for people over 50 years old.
The vaccination platform is opening:
- Thursday 29 for the citizens aged 40 - 44 and
- Saturday 1 May for the citizens aged 45 -50

What do you need to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Greece?

  • Social Security number: AMKA
  • Taxes user name and password. TAXISNET
  • Personal Tax Identification Number: AFM

Extremely important: always consult your doctor, special precaution for pregnant women.

How to apply and register for the Vaccine in Greece?

Once you have the previous information, it is quite easy to apply for the Covid Vaccine on the following link:

Be careful: the system will show the option to apply for a closer vaccine location in Greece. You must book an appointment for the 2 doses.

  • Arrive on time for the appointment
  • Don't forget to respect the social distancing rules and wear your mask at all times